• Dell (DEA-1TT4)
    Information Storage and Management v4 exam (DEA-1TT4)
  • Dell (DEA-2TT3)
    (Associate - Cloud Infrastructure and Services v.3 Exam (DEA-2TT3)
  • Dell (DEA-41T1)
    Associate - PowerEdge Exam (DEA-41T1)
  • Dell DEA-5TT1
    Associate - Networking Exam (DEA-5TT1)
  • Dell DES-1111
    Specialist - Technology Architect, PowerMax and VMAX All Flash Solutions (DES-1111)
  • Dell DES-1221
    Specialist - Implementation Engineer, PowerStore Solutions (DES-1221)
  • Dell DES-1241
    Specialist - Platform Engineer, PowerStore (DES-1241)
  • Dell DES-1421
    Expert - Isilon Solutions (DES-1421)
  • Dell DES-1423
    Specialist Implementation Engineer Isilon Solutions (DES-1423)
  • Dell DES-1B21
    Specialist - Implementation Engineer, Elastic Cloud Storage (DES-1B21)
  • Dell DES-1B31
    Specialist - Systems Administrator, Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) (DES-1B31)
  • Dell DES-1D12
    Specialist - Technology Architect, Midrange Storage Solutions (DES-1D12)
  • Dell DES-2T13
    Specialist - Cloud Architect, Cloud Infrastructure (DES-2T13)
  • Dell DES-2T13
    Specialist - Cloud Architect, Cloud Infrastructure (DES-2T13)
  • Dell DES-3611
    Specialist Technology Architect, Data Protection (DES-3611)
  • Dell DES-4421
    Specialist - Implementation Engineer, PowerEdge MX Modular (DES-4421)

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